Yankee Carriage Barn

Kits starting at $33,750

We thought about requiring a family size of 5 to own this barn. You'll need it for the stuff you accumulate: sporting goods, garden tools, plus all the extra vehicles. And, when somebody comes home to live, you can outfit the second story as an apartment. Until then, use it as your studio or just to escape.

One of our owners ordered this barn for himself and outfitted it with electricity, plumbing, insulation. By designing that in from the start, he conceals it and retains the traditional look of a barn. And it's cheaper that way, too!

Available Sizes (ft.) Square Feet
30 x 30 1,800
30 x 36 2,160
30 x 42 2,520
30 x 48 2,880

*Additional Depths: 26 ft. & 28 ft.